Subscription — Large Jar
Subscription — Large Jar
Subscription — Large Jar

Subscription — Large Jar

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You'll receive our Large Jar Candle of the Month, delivered beautifully-wrapped, direct to your door at your chosen frequency (monthly, every other month, or every third month). Our Candle of the Month changes every month, so this is a great way to try out all of our fragrances.

Hand-poured in our New York studio, Sylint candles are made from soy, which means they burn cleaner and last longer. It takes 60 hours to burn through one of our Large Jar Candles, which means that with a monthly subscription, you can light it for an average of 2 hours per night and never run out of fragrance.

Perfect for those notoriously tricky to buy for, or just to give yourself a present in the post every month. Treat yourself or a friend with our candle subscription box.

Colors vary, depending on the scent chosen as our Large Jar Candle of the Month's.

Take a deep breath. Indulge. 


Pricing — You will be charged for the first month when you make the purchase. Each subsequent month that you receive a candle, you will be charged on that same day. If you have chosen the "every other month" or "every third month" options, you will not be charged in months when you do not receive a candle.

Cancellation — Pause or cancel your subscription anytime after the second candle is received, no questions asked. If you would like a candle for just one month, check out our bountiful selection of Large Jar candles.