What's inside an Inscentsed box?

You'll receive one of our large hand poured scented soy candles delivered direct to your door. Your gift will come beautifully presented and wrapped, so it's a real treat when you open it up. You'll also receive a personalized note with each candle.


Can I buy a Sylint Candle as a gift?

Yes! Our candles make wonderful gifts for special friends and family. Each candle is beautifully wrapped and finished with a personalized letter. Choose the 'Yes, it's a gift' option when adding to cart, and then at checkout just enter their name and address in the shipping section.


Can I get my box delivered to work?

Yes! Why not brighten up your work day and get it sent to your office instead of your home address.


Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

If you choose a subscription plan, you’re free to cancel your subscription any time after the second month (if you just want one candle, then go with a single candle non-subscription purchase). Just email myaccount@inscentsed.com and we will close your account within 24 hours.


When will I get charged for my subscription?

We’ll take your first payment on the day you start your subscription. To keep things simple, you’ll be charged on the same day every month that you receive a candle.

If you choose "every other month" or "every third month" options, you will only be charged in the months that you receive a candle.


How do I subscribe?

Visit our shop, and choose a plan that's right for you. You’ll be directed straight to checkout where you can enter your billing and delivery information. Then sit back and look forward to receiving your first box!


Do I have to manually re-order every month?

No, we’ll automatically send your candle subscription box each month your subscription is active.


Do you deliver outside of the US?

Yes! We deliver globally — just choose your destination country at checkout! 


How can I update my address?

Just email myaccount@inscentsed.com with the new address.


Can I use a debit or credit card?

Yes! You can use any major debit or credit card at checkout for our products.

When you checkout, your payment card details will be saved so we can automatically process your payment each month.

No sensitive data is transferred to or stored on our website or server — all sensitive information is handled securely by Stripe, our secure payment processing partner.


How can I contact Sylint Candles?

If you have any questions, just email us at info@sylintcandles.com