Our Journey

The story of our founding is the story of our friendship.

Philip, Peter, and Sunny grew up together and during their teen years, before being able to drive to parties, would take turns selecting a scented candle to set the mood for the Saturday night poker game ($5 buy in).

Since then, Peter has entered the environmental NGO world, Philip has become a storyteller, and Sunny has helmed supply chains of direct-to-consumer startups.

And there you have it — when the three convened in New York as adults, they dreamed up "direct-to-consumer environmentally friendly scented candles that tell stories."

Our group's favorite candle scent is Cigar Smoke because it's perfect for the poker table (still $5 buy in), but we each have personal favorites as well. Sunny, a Princeton grad, insisted on an orange-colored Amory Blaine Story Candle (orange, amber, beer). Philip, a Woody Allen lover, enjoys the Annie Hall (gardenia, butter on toast, walnut). And Peter, a racket sports enthusiast, goes for the Richie Tenenbaum (red clay, fresh mowed grass, tennis ball), though he has a soft spot for the squash-ball-scented Large Jar Candle.

About our candles, we all take pride in these friendly facts:

  • The candles are hand-poured in our New York studio using soy wax from 100% US grown soybeans
  • Our wicks are made from natural cotton
  • Our candles are packaged in 100% recyclable material
  • All glass jars can be repurposed in the home after the candle has been burned
  • We only use natural ingredients in our candles, everything is vegan, and has never been tested on animals